i don't use this blog anymore


This is my favourite shirt as modeled by my little brother Pete.

it’s a really nice shirt in my opinion

BLUR videography - part III/V

Fab Moretti interviews Julian Casablancas for MTV Brasil (x)

BLUR videography - part II/V

BLUR videography - part I/V


look at this SICK WATCH that came w my easter egg

happy easter blahblah follow me at grahamcoxons etc blah thanks every1


happy easter friendos


Mac DeMarco: My Kind of Woman


hey guys!!!

i’m no longer using this blog, i’m now at alexkapranus :-) i won’t delete this one bc of the archive and drafts and other stuff i have in this account but feel free to unfollow me (i’ll probably unfollow some people here too oops). 

thank you and bye!!!